Uranium Ore

Uranium Ore
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Uranium Ore

Atomic Science




A diamond pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



Workaround: Upgrade to the latest Voltz version (1.0.12)

Uranium ore is a rare ore found deep underground and can can be used as a valuable fuel to produce electricity in Nuclear Reactors. There is only about 4 uranium ore per chunk. [1]

When near it, it causes Radiation Poisoning. Even when mined and placed in your inventory, it will still poison you, unless you are wearing a full Hazmat Suit.


Uranium ore can be placed in the Centrifuge to make Refined Uranium. This process takes 5000 kJ of energy, and 16 minutes, 40 seconds (1000 seconds) to complete.

Since Voltz 1.1.3 the entire process (to include the name of the ore itself) has been changed. Until the next update, it is impossible to create Refined Uranium without cheating.

Video Demo


  1. http://forum.calclavia.com/index.php?threads/uranium-ore-not-spawning.295/#post-1557

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