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Hello and welcome to the Electricity guide for the Voltz mod pack. Now that you have installed Voltz you are probably looking for a place to learn how to generate electricity for your machines. Well you have come to the right page to help you out. I am sure by now, you already know how to make all your basic tools and a shelter and everything found in a Vanilla Minecraft game.Once you have gathered all your materials from the previous [Tut], we can move on to the next phase.

Creating Energy

When you have finished making all the need materials from your mining expedition, you are now ready to make your first generator. A coal generator is a little bit more complex, but is one of the most common generators used, especially early in the game. It's very stable, and relatively productive. Before we can go ahead and make a generator though, we need to make a couple things first. We need to make some copper wire, a motor, and some steel plates.

Insulated Copper wire isn't hard to make. All you need is 6 pieces of leather (or wool), and 3 pieces of copper ingot for each piece of copper wire you make. Take your supplies to the crafting table and put the copper bars in the middle boxes going across, and the leather in the remaining boxes as shown here:

Leather Copper Ingot Leather Grid layout Arrow (small).png Insulated Copper Wire6
Leather Copper Ingot Leather
Leather Copper Ingot Leather

You will also need to convert the copper wire from this kind, to the kind compatible with the recipe. Just place the old copper wire in any crafting grid and you will get the other kind, like this:

Insulated Copper Wire     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Copper Wire

The next thing you need to build is a motor. Start with 4 pieces of copper wire, one in each corner. Next thing you want to do is put a piece of iron ingot in the middle square. The rest of the squares are filled with steel ingots. Here is a diagram:

Copper Wire Steel Ingot Copper Wire Grid layout Arrow (small).png Motor
Steel Ingot Iron (Ingot) Steel Ingot
Copper Wire Steel Ingot Copper Wire

Once you have your motor, you proceed to making your coal generator after you make some steel plates. These are very easy in that you put four steel ingots in a square. Once you have that done, it is now time to create your coal generator. To make it easier, here is a diagram for creating a coal generator:

Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Coal Generator
Steel Ingot Furnace Steel Ingot
Steel Ingot Motor Steel Ingot

Now that you have a generator you can power your machines, but you don't want to lose unused power so you should make a Battery Box, the only new thing are Batteries

  Tin Ingot   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Battery
Tin Ingot Redstone Dust Tin Ingot
Tin Ingot Coal Tin Ingot
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Battery Box
Battery Battery Battery
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot

Voltage Information

  • Higher voltages have less power loss

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