Power Armor Head

Power Armor Head
Power Armor Head.png
Power Armor Head

Modular Powersuits







The Power armor head is part of the Modular Powersuits mod. It is useless unless attachments are added on via the Tinker Table.


Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Power Armor Head
Wiring   Wiring


Type Attachment Description Crafting requirements
Special Night Vision A pair of augmented vision goggles designed to help you see at night and under water. 1 Control Circuit and 1 Hologram Emitter
Flight Control An integrated flight control system to help you hover. Press Z to descend. 1 Control Circuit
Armour Iron Plating Basic plating 1 Basic Plating
Diamond Plating Advanced plating, that is lighter, harder and more protective, but is harder to craft. 1 Advanced Plating
Energy Shield Energy shields are much more lighter than plating, but consume energy instead. 2 Force Field Emitters
Energy Basic Battery Integrate a Battery to allow it to store energy for example the energy shield. 1 LV Capacitor
Advanced Battery Integrate a more advanced battery to store more energy 1 MV Capacitor
Elite Battery Integrate the most advanced battery to store an extensive amount of energy 1 HV Capacitor
Environment Water Electrolyzer When you run out of air this attachment will jolt the water around you, electrolyzing a small bubble of air to breath from. 1 LV Capacitor
Cosmetic Custom Colour Module Gives your armor some coloured tinting to customize your armors appearance. 1 Hologram Emitter
Transparent Armour Make the item transparent, so you can show off your skin without losing armor. 1 Hologram Emitter
Citizen Joe Style A neater and cleaner design for your power amour Free

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