Force Field Projector

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Force Field Projector
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Input Voltage


Output Voltage



500 kJ




Yes (64)

The Force Field Projector is a fundamental part of the Modular Force Field System mod. A Projector uses Fortron energy to project force fields of various shapes and sizes into the world.


To make a force field, give the Force Field Projector a supply of Fortron by linking it to a nearby Fortron Capacitor. This can be achieved either by:

  • Right-clicking the Force Field Projector and entering the matching frequency number into its GUI screen, or
  • Shift-right-clicking the Projector while holding a Frequency Card.

Decide which force field shape to create by crafting one of the following projector mode items:

Right-click the Projector and place the projector mode item (e.g. Cube Mode) into the central pink slot surrounded by outwardly facing arrows.

Craft a number of Scale Module items and place them into the left-hand slot matrix of the Force Field Projector's GUI screen. Each Scale Module used in the Projector's left-hand slot matrix will increase the force field radius by one block.

The GUI for the Projector

The number at the bottom (shown in red) indicates how much Fortron energy is required to sustain a force field of the specified size and shape.

Activate the Projector by supplying it with a Redstone signal. Once activated, the Force Field Projector will change from red to blue and begin projecting a force field (provided it has enough available Fortron energy).

Crafting Recipe

  Diamond   Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px
Focus Matrix Focus Matrix Focus Matrix
Steel Ingot Battery Steel Ingot

General Modules

A Force Field Projector may be augmented with various modules to improve its performance.

  • Scale Module: Extends the dimensions of a projected force field shape by 1 block in all directions.
  • Speed Module: Allows the Projector to generate a force field more quickly when first activated. Also causes gaps in the field to re-generate faster.
  • Capacity Module: Increase the amount of Fortron the Projector is able to store by 10kJ.


Like other MFFS machines, the Force Field Projector can only be broken by shift-right-clicking on it with a Wrench.

A Force Field Projector can be activated without the need for a Redstone signal by clicking the Redstone Torch button in the top-left corner of its GUI.

A Force Field Projector can be dangerous if used around a Fission Reactor or Fusion Reactor.

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